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Free download Need for Speed Carbon PC game. After the successful launch of Underground and Most Wanted, EA released NFS: Carbon, the street racing game similar to the previous versions. Need for Speed: Carbon is a motorcar racing game where racers duel for a territory. This game is a decent update with some new features and improved graphics to the predecessor. NFS: Carbon is an arcade-style racing game much like to the other Need for Speed editions. There are four camera perspectives to play from, including 2 over-the-shoulder and 2 in-car. To get racing cards you can play single player campaign and a mini challenges series. The amazing part of the game is its career mode, consisting of four territories of the city plus outside city races of hilly canyon. Player can pick a car from three different car classes tuners, exotics and muscles. Some great latest features are added to the game like autosculpt customization, a crew, drifting races and an additional car class. One another big addition is that about 8 players can vie online. You will start off your career as nobody who had everything before, but lost it. You'll have to beat the bosses to earn money for buying or unlocking the new cars. Each territory is further divided into sects; each section offers three to four races, that you must have to win for a section. So by winning different sections you have to capture a territory. Graphics, textures and car detail are very impressive. It is truly great to play this version of NFS. Download free Need for Speed Carbon demo setup for PC by direct link and have fun with best PC car racing video game of 2006.

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