Thursday, 19 December 2013

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PC Game Free | Car Racing Game

Free Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 PC Car Racing Game

Download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 the best pc car racing game. NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 is the sixth edition of Need for Speed series which was released in October 2002 by EA (Electronic Arts) for Microsoft Windows. It was awarded as "Console Racing Game of the Year" in 2002. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is an arcade-style car racing video game, where handling of car and physics are wildly exaggerated. It has a number of highly craved car licenseses from most prestigious manufacturers like Lamborghini, Lotus, Chevy, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche. Hot Pursuit 2 has two large championship modes, "hot pursuit" and "World Championship". Police involved only in "hot pursuit" mode, which is composed of 33 distinctive racing events. In pursuit mode you will have to beat the opponents while competing with the police. On the other hand, in "World Championship" you will have to finish one race successfully for unlocking the next event. It will be difficult to achieve the goal as you progress because your competitors will get tougher with the passage of time. The police will give you chase if you break the limit of speed, and since you want to cross the finish line before your competitors do, you will be breaking the speed limit constantly. At first, there will be only couple of police cars after you, but if you resist to pull over, they will try to bust you by the spike strips, roadblocks and with the help of helicopter which will drop explosive barrels in front of you. If you are busted by police just once then you will have to start over from begining. The second career mode of the game known as world championship is also structured like pursuit mode, but the difference in this mode is that there will be no interference from the police, it's just competetion among you and your opponents. Like hot pursuit mode, there are 33 racing events to compete through in world championship. You can play hot pursuit 2 from three different third person perspectives and fourth from the first person. Graphics, sound effects and textures are on par, that neither too much high nor low. Afterall, I fairly say that the game is very ejoyable due to its gameplay and beautiful tracks. Free download Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 demo setup by direct link and enjoy the top pc car racing game.

How to Download?

  1. Click the download link below
  2. You will see two download options " Gold Download " and " Regular Download "
  3. Choose " Regular Download " link and wait 60 seconds
  4. Fill the Captcha and download the demo setup of NFS Hot Pursuit 2

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Demo Download

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Gameplay Screenshots

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